Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Welcome to my Blog! It is totally dedicated to great music for lyrical dance classes.

I have taught lyrical dance for over fifteen years and have found a passion in finding off the beaten path music that isn't something you hear on the radio. My students tell me all the time they would pay to just have a sneak peak into my ipod music library. So why not share a little?!?

I am an Itunes fanatic. I could spend hours searching their store looking for anything new and interesting. From the newest artists, to not so popular songs by oh so popular artists. So to save you the time... I will share my passion!

Of course... who doesn't like Kris Allen these days? He's the newest American Idol Super Star. For my first blog recommendation I suggest you look into his version of the award winning song "Falling Slowly" originally by The Frames. I love his version. It has a slightly different feel than the original, and gives a new twist for a warm up piece.

A song that I used for a boy/girl lyrical duet this past season was "Summer" by Casey Stratton. Another GREAT song! It is in 3/4 time, and at one point I did a waltz. The song tells a story of a woman head over heels in love with a man, yet she continues to play games and hurt him. incredible piece.

Saftysuit is one of my newest artists I have fallen in love with. "Stay" has a beautiful feel. I'm not sure I would use it for a routine, but it's great for warm ups and strength and stretch section of class.

I will close with a few more recommendations. Here is a list of some of my weekly favs....

"Pull of the Moon" - Jodie Manross
"Warm Sand" - Tina Dico
"Frost" - Rachel Sage
"In Parentheses" - Charlotte Martin
"I Still Belong to You" - Beth Waters

I hope you will enjoy my updates! I try to use new music each week in class. Some that the kids are familiar with, some that they can relate to, and some that makes them think and dig down into themselves a little to find something to feed on. If you aren't doing it already... IMPROV! THEY LOVE IT!

Until next time... keep dancing!